July 2020

           American Legion Post 639 was established in  Springfield, Missouri in 1981 by a group of Vietnam Veterans that wanted to make sure no one ever forgets our brothers that were in the military and were involved in that war.  Our charter is Vets helping Vets and education of the public about what patriotism really means.  If you are interested in joining us, or if you would like more information about us, click on the Member Information in the links above.



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September Events :

September 1 General Meeting at Post 639

September 7 Labor Day

September 11Patriot Day

September 12 Ride to Live event at Post 639

September 27 Maxheimer Memorial Ride and BBQ event at Post 639

Mailed Calendar Note.  Holidays vary from calendar to calendar.

Notice September 3rd. Those recognition days are Sept 18 or Sept 17 & 18 depending on who published the calendar.

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